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Dyno Tuning


Holley Carbie and EFI Tuning


OTR- cam-exhaust and custom tuning packages


maf and mafless tuning


Nos Refills


LPG Mixer and Vapour Injection Tuning


mag wheels and tyres..


performance brake upgrades

  • Metro_Tune MR2 Spyder turbo kit.
  • 1.8 VVTI with 180rwkw compared to 85rkw from factory
  • Garrett turbo charger
  • Rear Intercooler
  • EMS Computer
  • Button clutch
  • hiflow fuel injectors
  • return type fuel system
  • 10.8p[si boost
  • melpassi fuel reg
  • blow off valve
  • gizmo 4 setting boost controller
  • turbo timer
  • twin fuel pumps
  • surge tank
  • oil catch can
  • di fillipo custom made manifold and exhaust system
  • lowered suspension